Lindhaus 12

Lindhaus Premium PB12


Product Description

Lindhaus 12″ electric power nozzle for use with central vacuum accessory kits, backpack vacuums and some canister vacuum cleaners. The PB12E can be adapted to many applications that use a standard 1.25″ (32MM) button lock wand connection. Includes 40″ 2 wire mini pin cord to fit most electric hoses connections and most cord managment wand sets. The PB Series Lindhaus power nozzles work great with the Myraton MYR6746 button lock telescopic stainless steel wand for use with cord management hoses with flush connectors including Plastiflex gas-pump and pistol grip styles. The most respected power brush in the floorcare industry, the Lindhaus PB Series Powered Nozzle has earned its place with a reputation of reliability and performance. A derivative of the commercial nozzles used on the Lindhaus upright vacuum, the PB Series is well suited to cleaning carpeting of all types. The Lindhaus PB series power nozzle uses the geared belt drive system for unsurpassed deep cleaning performance on carpeted floors. Geared belts are not often employed on domestic power nozzles due to increased complications of production and expense. To operate a brush roller at 5,000 RPM you must balance the rotating brush to such a high degree that special equipment is required to do so. Otherwise an inferior quality brush would become damaged by the additional stress placed upon it rotating at such a high speed. Other parts must also be able to work within these tolerances, such as the bristles, bearings, pulleys and belt