30ft air hose

Basic Air Hose 30 Foot


Product Description

Rediscover the power and convenience of your central vacuum with a new central vacuum hose. Did you know that the new hoses in the industry have up to 27% more suction than older central vac hoses? Not only will you feel improved suction, but the slick finish on the hose will also glide across your floor without scratching your beloved flooring. If that’s not enough, you will also love that the basic central vacuum hose is also crush proof and pliable. Accidentally step on it in a frantic cleaning frenzy of glory? No problem. The hose will go right back to it’s original form without cracking.

Basic Central Vac Hose Upgrade

Consider upgrading to Low Voltage hose.  The Low Voltage hose is a hose with a comfortable handle that contains an on/off switch right at the handle. No more running back and forth to unplug the hose when you receive that important call you’ve been waiting on. We think it’s definitely worth the extra pennies.

  • Lightweight, crush-proof hose
  • Clean and modern white finish
  • 27% more air flow than older central vacuum hoses
  • Suction starts as soon as the hose is plugged into the inlet