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Hayden Electric Powerhead and Hose Kit

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Product Description

Hayden and Kenmore Power Head

Designed to be used in a residential setting this power head is ideal for households with a lot of carpeting and area rugs. The manual height adjustment option is used for households with multiple types and different piles of carpeting. Simply raise or lower the agitation bar to give your carpets a customized clean. For households with a combination of carpeting and bare floors switching between the power head and bare floor brush attachments are common. With this Panasonic power head you will never have to bend over or struggle to disconnect your attachments from the wand again. A build in quick disconnect button allows you to step on a lever and pull the wand out of your power head, and quickly switch to a different attachment.

Most power heads use a flat rubber belt, which will stretch out over time and need to be replaced yearly. The Panasonic MCCG885 power head utilizes a Cogged – non-slip belt system. This type of belt never needs to be replaced or changed unless the belt happens to break. However, with an automatic shut-off feature, that detects when something is stuck in the power head, your belt will last a long time. The re-set button is used in this situation, after the power head automatically shuts off to protect the belt, as well as other components, simply remove whatever was sucked into the machine and press the re-set button and your machine will be ready to clean again.

Made by Panasonic this power head will fit all Panasonic and most Kenmore brand canister vacuum cleaners.

Key Features:

  • Motor driven agitator brush.
  • Cogged – non slip belt.
  • Light.
  • Reset button.
  • Stands on its own.
  • Height adjustment.
  • Quick disconnect.

Kits include:

  • Electric Brush manufactured by Panasonic for use with Kenmore/Hayden Central Vacuums
  • 12″ Hard Floor brush with swivel head
  • 2 Metal Wands
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Deluxe Dusting Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Deluxe Nylon Tool Bag
  • 30ft or 35ft Crush-proof Swivel Electric SuperHose III with Pigtail or Direct Connect
  • Deluxe PVC Vacuum Hose Hanger
  • *Powerhead color may vary