AstroVac SR38


Product Description

Our sealed Hepa bag units incorporate a seven-layer disposable Hepa bag for superior filtration. The bag has an inner liner which adds longer life, as well as more strength & resistance to bursting. This liner also serves as an electrostatic barrier. These paper bags are inexpensive and can easily be changed, making vacuum maintenance easy. The Hepa bag unit has a unique baffle system, which maximizes the useful filter area of the bag, providing large dirt capacity and maximum performance.

SR-38 Technical Specs
Motor 5.7″ Ultra 2-Stage Flow Thru
Voltage 120 A.C.
Max Amps 14.5
Max Air Watts 740
Airflow CFM 138
Sealed Vacuum “H2O 138
Filtration Sealed Hepa Bag
Sound Level 58 db
Dirt Can N/A
Capacity 27 Qt.
Dimensions Dia. 12 7/8 Ht. 25 3/4
* # of Valves 6-9
* Max Pipe Run 140 ft.
* Up to Total Sq. Ft. 6,000
* The above figures are approximate and the table is for reference only and not intended as a strict guide.