VacMaid SR14

VacuMaid Model SR14 (Formerly AstroVac SR14)


Product Description

The VacuMaid SR14 model is a direct replacement for the AstroVac SR14. For years Lindsay Manufacturing manufactured central vacuums under two different brands, AstroVac and VacuMaid. If you are looking for a direct replacement for your AstroVac or VacuMaid feel free to send us a message with your model # and approximate year it was purchased and we will point you towards a direct replacement.

The  SR-14 power unit features a powerful, 5.7” 2-stage flow thru motor with 725 maximized airwatts. Inverted Bag Filtration It comes standard as a cyclonic inverted bag unit, but has a special stem that allows it to use an optional sealed paper bag. The inverted bag provides a permanent filter. Optional Paper Bag The optional paper bag is a two-layer disposable paper bag for superior filtration. The bag has an inner liner which adds longer life, as well as more strength and resistance to bursting. This liner also serves as an electrostatic barrier. These paper bags are also inexpensive and easy to throw away, making vacuum maintenance easy. Durable Construction The SR-14 is constructed from rolled galvannealed steel and powder coated for a tough,corrosion-resistant lifetime of use. Improve Allergy Symptoms As with all of our Astro Vac central vacuum systems, using the SR-14 can help decrease asthma and allergy symptoms by removing dust and allergens from your living areas. Vacuuming with these vacuums provides a powerful, efficient cleaning job that will rid your home of these allergy-triggering irritants.

Motor Type 2 stage flow thru 5.7″
Max Amps 14.5
Max Airwatts 740
Air flow 138 CFM
DB rating 58
Total sq. feet 6000
Dirt Capacity 27 qt

.Warranty : 10 year

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